Theatre In Education
Unveiling Your Hidden Talents and Skills
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Unveiling Your Hidden Talents and Skills
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Theatre In Education

First Drop Theatre work with schools, colleges and universities using theatre-based tools to address relevant social issues, explore choices, and develop key communication and life-skills.

First Drop Theatre @ Colleges And Universities

Through specially customized programs that include targeted performances and high-energy workshops, First Drop Theatre compliments the academic learning of students. This is done through:

  • Practical sessions involving visualizing scenarios and role-playing situations
  • Stimulating deep discussions on various topics including entrepreneurship, leadership, gender sensitivity and innovation.
  • Encouraging sharing of varied perspectives leading to shared learning
  • Providing a bridge from campus to corporate life.
  • Igniting the aspects of creativity, sensitivity and a non-judgmental temper that helps the students think and develop holistically.

Our Workshop offerings include:

  • From Campus to Corporate - preparing for life ahead
  • Exploring your leadership styles
  • Finding the Authentic You
  • Exploring the Entrepreneurship Mindset
  • Our Workshop offerings include:

  • Anti Bullying workshop
  • Pushing your boundaries  - creativity, innovation and imagination
  • Bringing Empathy to your interactions
  • First Drop Theatre @ Schools

    Theatre workshop plays a key role in the life of young minds. It shapes their character and their overall outlook. Actively participating students reap a lot of benefits and life skills.

    Why it is Important?

    Participating in theatre workshop stimulates the mind through experiential learning that serves as a balance for children’s academic learning.

    Interactive theatre helps children to have a holistic learning by:

    • Shedding inhibitions and interact with confidence
    • Developing lateral and out-of-the-box thinking
    • Developing improvisatory skills – quick and effective thinking.
    • Appreciating the concept of teamwork and collaboration
    • Enhancing their communication skills – verbal and non-verbal.
    • Understanding multiple perspectives of a situation
    • self-reflecting for deeper learning.
    • Rediscovering the fun and joy in learning
    • Self-validating – the telling of a personal story and having it performed encourages respect from others and affirms one’s own life experiences.

    Training for Trainers/Educators

    We offer customized workshops for educators using the tools of Improv, Interactive Theatre and expressive arts to

    • Revisit the skills of active listening
    • Polish the ability to respond and adapt on the go
    • Push their boundaries of creative thinking by exploring multiple perspectives
    • Rejuvenate the mind and recharge the well of ideas

    “We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become”

    -Augusto Boal
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