Theatre is a powerful medium that can help people develop life skills, social, and interpersonal skills; no matter what your age is!
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Workshop For Children

Theatre has an elemental aspect of helping people with life skills, social and interpersonal skills. Developing this habit from the very start of one’s life will make a person better equipped to face the challenges of life. In this programme, the children are encouraged to explore more about themselves in reference to their surroundings, thus moulding the skills of effective interaction with the real world.

These workshops are designed to facilitate learning while playing, so that the sessions are fun-filled and engaging.

Why is it Important?

First Drop Theatre uses theatre to nurture a  child’s social, motor, cognitive and emotional development and inculcate life skills such as:

How First Drop Theatre Does it ?

By creating a space that is safe, enjoyable and non-judgmental, the workshop encourages children to explore the world of theatre. The sessions are interactive and are designed to tap into the thoughts, feelings and ideas that each child carries making the insights and learning applicable to their day-to-day situations. These workshops are highly focussed, short-term programmes.

Check Out Our Workshops

Through the year, we conduct several workshops for adults and children. Some of our flagship workshops include

Yes, And

Core Training In Playback Theatre

Yes, I Can

An Expressive Arts Workshop For Women

Summer Camps For Children

Introduction To The Magic of Improv Theatre.

“The mission of the theatre, after all, is to change, to raise the consciousness of people to their human possibilities.”

— Arthur Miller
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